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Dayton Mother Announces Write-In Candidacy for House Rep in District 37

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

CENTERVILLE, OH, September 7, 2022 – Megan Overman announced that she is running for House District 37 Representative as a write-in candidate. The newly drawn district covers parts of Centerville, Washington Township, Kettering, Bellbrook, Miami Township, Miamisburg, and Germantown.

“I believe deeply in the concept of ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ for all Ohioans,” Overman told supporters. “I am passionate about supporting public policy that supports these ideals and blocking legislation that threatens them. At present, Ohio is facing multiple assaults on bodily autonomy, sound educational curriculum, and the state of our democracy itself—as the redistricting commission has refused to provide the fair maps Ohio’s citizens and courts have demanded.”

Overman, 36, is a Centerville resident and parent to two children living in the Centerville City School District. She works in educational publishing, designing curriculum and editing textbooks that are used in schools nationwide. Overman says she will bring a long overdue dose of common-sense perspective to Columbus.

Republicans hold both the Ohio House and Senate, but Overman notes, “These are not the Republicans of decades past. They don’t reflect Ohio’s values. They have shown a cavalier disregard for the health, happiness, and freedom of Ohioans—which is clearly demonstrated by the recent rash of extreme legislation.”

If elected, Overman intends to fight against the extremism that she says will harm the state’s economy by forcing talent and businesses out of Ohio.

“We must support policies that bolster our economy and allow small businesses to thrive and grow. We must create a community where companies are able to create jobs—where talented workers want to live,” Overman said. “Shifting our legislative focus from extreme restrictions to freedom for all will benefit Ohio.”

Representative Tom Young, who ran unopposed in 2020 and is currently serving in House District 42, is considered the incumbent for the new House District 37 in November’s election.

  • Young co-sponsored House Bill 480, a total abortion ban that Overman says will have devastating, preventable, and foreseeable effects if passed.

  • Young voted yes on House Bill 99—now Ohio law—which reduced the training time required for teachers to carry a loaded, concealed firearm inside a school to a mere 24 hours. The bill was widely criticized by law enforcement and concerned citizens in Ohio and across the globe.

  • Young also voted yes on House Bill 151—now with the Ohio Senate—which will require young athletes to submit to intrusive genital exams and other medical testing to “prove” their gender if it is disputed.

“The idea that a man who supports laws that make Ohio a less safe place to raise my children could run ‘unopposed’ in my district—when the districts were not even clearly defined or apparent to voters in time for an opponent to surface—made my blood boil,” said Overman. “That is what prompted me to file as a write-in candidate for House District 37.”

Overman said she simply wants voters to have a choice in November. “I wouldn’t have cared if it was a Democrat, Republican, or Independent,” Overman said. “So long as—at minimum—the person who represented this district showed a modicum of common sense, I would have been thrilled. Tom Young has done no such thing during his time in office. So, here I am.”

Learn more about Overman and how you can support her campaign with the information below.

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